Weight Loss

Welcome to Island Health Center’s Medical Weight Loss Program.  Our program is based on sound nutrition, exercise, metabolic and nutritional supplements, appetite suppressants, and weekly injections with weigh-in and support.  Our patients have experienced confidence-boosting success and renewed self esteem with this straightforward, life-changing plan.  But be advised - this is not a “fad” diet, it quite simply is the road to changing your eating habits and lifestyle in order to become a healthier, slimmer, more energetic you! 

A Safe & Effective Way to Lose Weight

Our injections: B-12, MIC and L-Carnitine, along with Lipotrepein and B-Complex #6 capsules  are all-natural products. They each, in various combinations, play a vital role in weight loss programs and can assist in the following areas: 

  •     Increasing metabolism to burn fat
  •     Removing and transporting fat out of the body
  •     Preventing abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver
  •     Increasing production of lecithin
  •     Promoting glycogen (stored sugar) breakdown
  •     Boosting energy
  •     Increasing the activity of the nervous system
  •     Assisting in stress management

If you have tried other diet plans with little or no success, or can't seem to get motivated to stick to a particular plan, we encourage you to read on...take a closer look at Island Health Center's Weight Loss Program.  It may be just what you need! 

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