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Dietary Fiber
Fiber is important in our diet.  We as a society eat too much fatty, fried, fast foods that lack high fiber.  You need fiber for good colon and digestive function.  If you are not evacuating your colon daily, you are already slowing down your metabolism.  Use whichever fiber you choose – Benefiber, FiberOne – just use it and drink lots of water with it.  If you suffer from IBS or constipation already, you might consider a detoxifying colon cleanse. 

Water, water, water!!
We recommend at least ten eight ounce glasses a day.  A rule of thumb is eight 8oz glasses per day for the average ideal weight adult.  Add one 8oz glass for every 25lbs you are currently overweight, for every two cups of coffee, for each alcoholic beverage.  But, for optimum results, you should avoid alcoholic beverages!  At least until you have met some of your weight loss goals.  Water is not essential to weight loss, just essential for healthy weight loss! 

Exercise is very important.  Make everything you do an exercise; sweeping your house, holding your stomach in for 20 seconds and releasing (repeat while you are sitting at your desk or in your car).  Park further away and walk, maybe adding ankle weights.  Or, just wake up 30 minutes earlier and walk around the block – JUST DO IT.  Use the time you are participating in this program getting shots, pills and support to change your lifestyle.  You can be slimmer and healthier for the rest of your life.  It takes two weeks to break a bad habit and two to make a new one.

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